Monday, September 8, 2008

A weekend of relaxing & reminiscing

Mike and I were hoping September would be our "winding down" month. Since our summer was beyond crazy busy we were due for a quiet, relaxing end of summer, right? So, we were more then excited to be able to actually stay home all day Saturday!

We kept it low key since actually doing something would defeat the purpose of relaxing. Mike had a haircut schedule for 11:30 and that was it. He came home looking handsome and he was so good. He asked the hair stylist to cut it, but not too short since we had my 11 year high school reunion to go to the next day. He remembered that I liked it slightly grown out. What a good doobie he is.

Mike did end up taking Afton out for lunch, but that's a tradition for the two of them. So, that was nice.

Sunday was church. Mike had pre-k Sunday school and I had nursery. As soon as we were done we booked it to the reunion. I was so excited up until 2 minutes prior to pulling in. My stomach started flip flopping. Probably because I was going to be seeing people I hadn't seen in 11 years.

The day was absolutely gorgeous and the area was really nice. It was at a state park so it was family oriented. The two girls that put all of this together did an amazing job and it was a huge success. The only bad part was that I gabbed too much and didn't take enough pictures. I'm really hoping someone will send me some of theirs (pretty please?)!!!

So, here are a few of the few pictures I did end up getting.

This is the awesome bounce house I never got to bounce in.
I snoozed...I lost...oh well :)

This is the lovely, catering couple. The food (what I tasted of it)
was really good, AND Mike and I won a gift
certificate to their restaurant..yummy!

Jen was the brave one to take on the responsibility of planning
the reunion. She and April were the ones to pull it all off!
You both did an amazing job!

I also have to add a huge congrats to Jen and her hubby. I'm not telling why, but I'm sure you can take a few guesses and come up with the answer!!

It was such a fun, relaxing weekend and Monday came to fast. It was great to see people that I've lost touch with and also to see people that I only keep in touch with via email or blog. Too bad reunions are so far!

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday!

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