Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to regularly schedule programming...I hope (long post)

If you hadn't noticed I took a bit of a blog break last week. I had so much to say and share, but each time I sat down it ended up not being the right time. So, after a while, I realized this would have to wait. It always seems to happen that way!

I have high hopes of blogging it up from now on...or at least until another busy week comes around.

Just to bring you up to speed I'll give you a quick update on what we've been up to.

Two Saturday's ago we went to a science center to have some fun learning about different things. The kids had a blast (big kids included!). Mike was off and running to try out some of the hands on stuff and I have some great shots of all of us.

The next day, Sunday, we went to a favorite swimming hole we've dubbed "50 Foot Hole". It's actually a river that has several levels of rocks you can jump off of. That was a ton of fun! It was several hours away so the drive was a bit long, but the portable DVD player is a lifesaver for the kids and the parents!

The week was pretty busy with all sorts of stuff. Mike took Monday off to hang out with us. I still had to work so he took Afton out for some "daddy/Afton time". Tuesday was Mike's bday! He is the big 3-5, and he was actually excited about it. He keeps saying he can't wait to be 50...he's crazy like that! I made him a cake and we sang happy birthday, or, as Caleb likes to say it "Happy to you".

Wednesday and Thursday were fun because I took the kids and we went camping with my Dad, 3 sisters and brother in law. It was just one night, but we still had lots of fun! S'mores, camp fire, tents, big sticks, dirt...you name it! Mike took Wednesday off to go fishing with a buddy so he was pretty happy about that too!

We started our always fun, but busy, weekend on Friday by picking Miya up. The next morning we got up and drove 2 hours to visit with Mike's brother, Tim and his wife, Nicole! That whole day was so relaxing and fun. After eating lunch we went to the ocean which is practically in their backyard. They water was calm with very small waves and it was so warm (for the Atlantic). We spent about 2 hours at the beach swimming, tossing a football, catching hermit crabs, and all sorts of other things. Then we went back to their house, rinsed off and had dinner! We hung out for a little while longer before packing up and heading home.

We woke up Sunday and headed off to church. It was a beautiful day, gorgeous and sunny! After church we had lunch with my family at a little chicken shop Meg & Toph know about because they made t-shirts for them! The food was so good!

After finally making home we relaxed for what seemed like a few minutes before heading back into town to bring Miya home. Our weekends with her are always too short! We hope that this will change one day soon!

It was so nice to wake up on Monday knowing I didn't have to sign in to work! Mike decided to go fishing early that morning and then work on his breaks with his fishing buddy/mechanic. So, it was just me and the kids until 3:30. I actually stayed in bed until 8:15 that morning! I can't tell you the last time I did that. I'm never in bed past 6:30...and that is on weekends! So "sleeping late" was a real treat!


since it was a vacation day, the kids and I watched movies and shows all morning! That was a special treat for them since that NEVER happens. They're lucky to get 1, maybe 2, shows during the whole day!

Mike ended up getting home around 3:30 and I left with Afton at 5:00. She and I went to Meg & Toph's house for a little while...just to hang out.

Now, they both have moped's so, of course, I had to jump on those! I've never been on one before so I was a bit nervous. The good part is I only injured my left big toe. The rest of the time was spent taking spins around the neighborhood and laughing!

So, that's the recap. It's been a fun, busy, jam packed week and we're still going! I think I'll stop there for now though.

I'll be back with more later on...hopefully...lol

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