Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grunt Fish, Moldy Cheese & Sin

It was just the girls in the living room this morning.  Me, Afton and Claire.  I handed Afton the new issue of Creation Magazine because she saw a very pretty, bright and colorful picture on the front. 

As she was flipping through she came to a section talking about how butterfly fish clean the parasites out of the grunt fish's mouth.

Butterfly fish

Grunt fish

This led us to talk about sin in our lives and how we need Christ to clean up the sin in our lives.  

To illustrate this in a way Afton would understand I explained how mold "infects" soft cheese and it spreads throughout the cheese.


Once it's in the middle the whole cheese has to be thrown away.  I explained how we need Jesus to "clean us" from the inside out and then how we need to be "protected" by reading our Bible and praying.  Just like the plastic wrap protects the cheese.  We need to make sure we don't expose ourselves to mold (aka: sin).

In a nutshell we had a great conversation that Afton completely understood!  

That was homeschooling at it's best!!!!  

Ever day life, a simple magazine article and a few quiet, uninterrupted minutes to talk about the things that really matter.