Thursday, July 31, 2008


Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - Foundation of Unwavering Faith - Hebrews 13:8

In our ever-changing world, families move, friendships drift, allegiances shift, and technology advances by quantum leaps. If we seek security in people, possessions, or positions, we're doomed to disappointment.

But, we all need somewhere to turn during the storms of life. The one true anchor for our soul is Jesus Christ, who Scripture assures us will not change. To find comfort in Him, we must learn who He is, what He does, and how He works. Today, we'll explore a few details about His life and character.

John 1:1 reveals that Jesus was Deity from the beginning. Fully God and fully man, He was born of a virgin. Jesus lived 33 years on earth. He was crucified despite His innocence. He rose after three days. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He's the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Our Lord fulfilled countless prophesies in the Old Testament, such as Isaiah 53. Like us, Jesus has feelings. He wept for hurting people. He felt angry when people misused the temple. Most importantly, His resurrection defeated death, and He still lives today.

God's character never varies. Of course, as situations change, He acts accordingly. But the merciful, loving, compassionate, and holy Jesus we know in Scripture is the same Messiah we can cling to today.

Where do you turn in trying times? Difficult circumstances are inevitable. Prepare yourself for them by learning who Jesus is. He's the only true shelter and rock that will not change. What a wonderful Savior!

(From In Touch Daily Devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley)

I love it when God puts it right in front of you. A loving reminder that our faith and trust should be in Him alone. No matter what circumstances we face, He is always there, always the same, never changing, always loving us. There is nothing we can't handle when our eyes are on Him.

Thank you God, for this gentle and loving reminder.

I love the refrain from "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus". They are very fitting.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off day

Not as in "I'm taking a day off", more like, I've been "off" today. Not myself...

This morning was good, the day itself was good, the kids were good, but "stuff" is going on and I have a heavy heart.

However, I did get in a good 2.5 mile jog/fast that helped me vent a bit of emotions.

I should be back to "normal" tomorrow...sorry for the no show in posting!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I think I have a new favorite....

Call it a "fad" or a "phase", but I just realized I love cabbage!

After all these years of avoiding it, turning my nose up at it and snubbing it as an edible food, I have come to realize really isn't that bad.

It all started with the pre-made cole slaw in a bag. I usually go for homemade, but I had a recipe that called for cole slaw so I grabbed what was easy. I had some leftover so I thought I would be brave and try it. I was not prepared for how much I liked it!

I liked it so much I couldn't wait to go to the store to buy more. How sad is that?

Then I decided to actually make food with cabbage as a main ingredient. Gasp! So, I made this tasty dish. It comes from a blog I found a while ago. (This woman is so sweet and encouraging. I just love reading her blog!) Anyway, I would have added a tad more seasoning to it, but it turned out to be very yummy anyway!

To top it all off you wouldn't believe what I had for lunch yesterday.

Cabbage salad...just cabbage salad...and I was loving every bite. (I made my own cole slaw dressing from 1/2 cup mayo, 2 Tbs milk, 1 Tbs vinegar and 1/2 tsp sugar. I whisked it all together and drizzled it on the cabbage. Yummy!)

Remember when your parents told you your taste buds would change? Well, they do, and you just might like it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

One down

I'm down a love bugger today, so mama's a little sad!

Afton went with Mike's parents for a two night visit. They picked her up yesterday afternoon and she'll be back on Tuesday!

While there are some days I would love a little bit of quiet time, I never wish my children to be gone. Maybe just to go for a walk or ride with daddy or maybe to the park. Never to actually leave the house for several days. Mike and I found it to be very hard to say goodbye to her. To watch her little hand waving at us out her window. To hear her little voice say, "Bye b
ye...I love you!" That was hard and we both were a bit choked up.

I know she'll have fun and will be safe, so I'm thrilled about that! Plus, she'll be seeing Miya which will make her so happy! I'm really glad she has this chance to visit, and she'll be doing again next week when my Mom & Dad G are at the cottage on the lake! Lucky girl!

So, today I will be praying for my girl to have a wonderful, safe, fun tim
e. To laugh and giggle and ask lots of questions as always. I will be thinking of her and knowing that she is enjoying this time to the fullest.

Today I will spend some time with my boy. Focusing on him, reading to him, playing with him and giving him all the attention. It will be nice for him to the "only child" for a bit. I know he'll miss Afton because he always does. He asks for her and loo
ks for her and I'll explain she is with Grammie and Grampa and Miya. Then we'll go read more stories!

Have a blast today and tomorrow my beautiful love bug! We will miss you, but we know you'll have so much fun! We'll be thinking of you and praying for you sweet girl! We love you whole bunches!

Lots of love,
Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another favorite song

This is another favorite song of mine. What a wonderful promise!

Here is the video of the song. It is sung by Third Day and I loved the way he sang it so simply and beautifully! I've put the words at the bottom just in case.

Blessed Assurance

Blessèd assurance, Jesus is mine!
O what a foretaste of glory divine!
Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.


This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior, all the day long;
This is my story, this is my song,
Praising my Savior, all the day long.

Perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels descending bring from above
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.


Perfect submission, all is at rest
I in my Savior am happy and blest,
Watching and waiting, looking above,
Filled with His goodness, lost in His love.


Friday, July 25, 2008


I remember going to church while growing up and I loved singing the hymns. It was my favorite part. I loved listening to our pastor tell us who wrote the song and why they wrote it. I loved learning the background behind every song realizing that it may have been written at a most painful time in someones life. Out of that pain came a blessing that God is still using to reach people today.

Maybe the song was written based on a life experience or one person learning to have complete dependence on God. They had to let go of everything they held dear in this world, and they had to give it up to God. They had to trust Him with every ounce of their being.

I remember thinking about one song in particular. The song is "It Is Well with My Soul" written by H.G. Spafford. The words were inspired as he passed near the spot where his daughters were lost at sea after a collision with another boat. His wife was the only survivor. To be able to write these amazing words at a time in your life when you've lost your beloved children is only because of God.

I would like to share the words to this hymn. I sing this every night while putting my children to bed as a reminder that they are HIS children. He has blessed Mike and I, for a time, by allowing us to raise them. It is an honor to teach them about God's love and mercy and to raise them they way He wants us to. I pray that we never forget what a privilege it is to lead them, teach them and train them in a godly manner. I also pray for God to bless us with a many, many years with our children. So that we may see them grow.

It Is Well with My Soul

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.


It is well, with my soul,
It is well, with my soul,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.


My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin, not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!


For me, be it Christ, be it Christ hence to live:
If Jordan above me shall roll,
No pang shall be mine, for in death as in life
Thou wilt whisper Thy peace to my soul.


But, Lord, ‘tis for Thee, for Thy coming we wait,
The sky, not the grave, is our goal;
Oh trump of the angel! Oh voice of the Lord!
Blessèd hope, blessèd rest of my soul!


And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend,
Even so, it is well with my soul.


This is my prayer this morning. Music can be a powerful outlet, but the words are the most important. This prayer was prompted by the song at the end. Please close your eyes while you listen to the words that are sung.

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for sending your Son to die for our sins, so that we may have eternal life through Him. It's only through His sacrifice that we are able to be called your sons and daughters. Only through Jesus' blood being shed that we, in our sinful state, are able to be washed clean. Only through that selfless act can we call upon the name of the Lord to be saved. All we have to do is turn from sin and turn to you and live our lives for you every day. What a small request for so great a sacrifice.

Thank you, Jesus, for rising from the grave and conquering death! Death could not hold you, it has no power over you!

In my imperfection I strive to honor you in all I do and say, every day. I am so thankful that my salvation can never be lost. So many times a day I find myself failing to be the woman or the mother You want me to be. So many times I cry out to you for help, for wisdom, for guidance. You are so faithful! You "never leave me nor forsake me!

Thank you for continuing to show your faithfulness and mercy. For proving, even though you don't need to prove anything, that Your plan is perfect and we just need to trust you. Thank you for sustaining us, you are our all in all. I promise to continue to trust in the plan You have for us even though we don't know what the future holds.

Psalm 138:8 "The Lord will work out his plans for my life, for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me.

As David prayed this prayer, so do I.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pretty cool

Remember a few posts ago I was talking about fear? It's so cool how God works and puts something in your Inbox at just the right time. It's just a great reminder during times of uncertainty and I found this to be great timing. So, I thought I would share.

(This is from an "In Touch" devotional from Dr Charles Stanley.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008 - Moving Beyond Our Fears - Luke 1:68-75

The Scriptures distinguish between two kinds of fear, which are healthy and unhealthy. For example, a protective type of anxiety helps prevent avoidable harm. It can warn us not to touch a hot stove or walk on thin ice.

We're also commanded to have a proper fear of God. This includes an overwhelming sense of awe because of who He is. God is Judge and sovereign King. And, we should also live a lifestyle of respectful obedience which honors Him.

Unhealthy fear causes us to feel uneasy, uncomfortable, or threatened. Its source may be a childhood experience or an adult's repeated negative words. The feeling of distress becomes rooted in our thinking. It colors our decision making. As adults, we no longer have a basis for this anxiety, but it may continue to inhibit us.

The imagination is also a source of fear. We can get caught up in "what if" thinking. What if something goes wrong? or What if the outcome I want doesn't happen?

This kind of agitation can block the Lord's best in our life. His purposes often require that we move beyond where we feel most comfortable. Learning new skills, changing jobs, or trying a different way of ministering to others could be part of what He expects.. Such challenges present the opportunity to trust God and obey His request.

Fear doesn't come from God. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you from a place of disquiet into the freedom that is ours in Christ. There you'll discover the ability to follow His plan without being hindered by overwhelming fear.

Take the test...only if you dare

*Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any arguments that may ensue as a result of taking the test at the end. Take at your own risk*

Now that that's out of the way, lets move on.

Thanks (again!) to Pioneer Woman for the linkage to these cool sites!

First up are the really cool aprons. I've decided I would like to have one of these. It would make cooking more fun and interesting. Plus, how cool is it to have mom & daughter aprons when we cook, right? They would also make really cool gifts don't you think? So, maybe one of these days, when I have the extra cash, I'll go pick out a really cute one to wear around my kitchen.

So, speaking of women in the kitchen, this brings me to the test part of the program. In one of her wonderful sections, Ree brought up a test from 1939. So, I went in search of the test and here is what I found. If you want to download it for an evening of fun you can do that here. Just choose the "free user" option.

If you do take the test PLEASE come back and tell me what you found out! I'm interested to hear how our significant others measure up to a 1930's version of what a husband/wife "should" be!

When I get more printer ink to print the test I'll be taking it as well. Then I'll share my inadequacies with you all.

Good times!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Please lift Tricia up in prayer!

Romans 8:28 "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth are in need of your prayers today and in the days to come. Tricia has been recovering from a double lung transplant performed in April, mere months after giving birth to their beautiful daughter, Gwyneth, born 15 weeks premature. Nate has faithfully been by Tricia and Gwyneth's side every step of the way while blogging their journey.

On June 16th Tricia received test results saying she had Post Transplant Lymphoma
. Over a period of 5 weeks she would undergo rounds of chemo. Today, Nate posted saying that the cancer had not responded well to the chemo and, in short, would need to start the more aggressive treatments. If her body doesn't respond well to these treatments then, well, it's not good.

Please go read his blog, especially the post from today!

Please pray for peace during this time as well as comfort. This is something that I cannot imagine going through. I cannot imagine the emotions they must be feeling, but God does. He is their comfort, their strength, their rock and He is able to heal Tricia if it His will.

Psalm 46:1 "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

(Please see Nate's blog for more accurate and complete details on the journey they have been on. Please keep praying for them)

Since when do eyes speak?

Afton has a habit of coming into the living room in the middle of the night and sleeping on the couch. Usually what I do is bring her into our bed and let her sleep there for a little while longer.

This morning wasn't much different except she didn't want to sleep. So, a few minutes later she was out and about.

I asked her why she wasn't sleeping since she said she was tired.

She said, "My eyes said 'No, thank you'. I tried to close them, but they just kept opening."

I guess that is a pretty good reason to wake up!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disgustingly delicious

This post goes out to all of you who love food! Delicious, fattening, tasty food!

I made an amazing dessert last night that I found on a blog I read faithfully! Who's read the Pioneer Woman's blog? If you haven't than you're are missing something! She has a gift for blogging and her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels love story is amazing. It's the story of how she and her hubby "Marlboro Man" (no, he doesn't smoke) met, fell in love, married, and started a family.

She also has a section of her blog for recipes. The most delicious, mouth watering, picture including recipes you could imagine. It was in this very section that I found a naughty little recipe for Apple Dumplings.

I've been dying to try them for about 3 weeks now, but our hectic schedule just didn't allow it. So, finally last night I decided to just do it!

I peeled, cut, melted, mixed, rolled and baked these sinful bites and when they came out of the oven I let them cool. After 5 minutes I couldn't wait any longer. I put two in my bowl, plopped some Cool Whip on top and took a bite!

*insert choir of angels*

It was so good I wanted to curl up in a corner and eat the whole thing myself! Unfortunately, my hubby saw them cooling so I knew I couldn't get away with it. He, of course, couldn't wait to try them and I warned him before he took a bite too. His first words were, "Oh, wow!" If that's any indication of how good they were.

So, many thanks to you, Ree! I love your blog, I love your cooking, I love your love story and thank you for starting all of it and sharing it with us!

Unfortunately, I won't be making these very often because I still have my two children hanging on to my belly, hips and butt! I need to run them off, but maybe this will be my reward for all the hard work! That and new clothes.

Right, Apple? *wink*

Monday, July 21, 2008

More family, fun and fireworks!

Saturday night was a ton of fun! We went to see some fireworks in a small town about an hour away! They also had a tiny fair going on with a few rides! The kids went on 3 and I went on was so much fun!

The cool thing is that my dad knows the guy who sets up and sets off the fireworks so we get a front row seat to all of it! Talk about amazing! You look directly above you and you see the most beautiful display of colorful fireworks ever! Plus, the loud booming ones are pretty amazing. Although, Caleb didn't think the first two were cool, so he kept his hands over his ears the rest of the time. He loved watching them though!

Of course, what would a fireworks show be without a cookout and all sorts of funny pictures, right? And what would a blog be without those funny pictures, right? So, I guess you want to see them now, huh?

Ok, here they are...I'll have to post the video of the finale after. It was so cool!!!!!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

(We brought the portable DVD player just in case...and the back of our van became the theater)

(My daughter dressed herself...honest!)

I loved this random picture of Miya. So simple.

So, that is our weekend in pictures! Hope you had a great weekend as well!

A few more fav's

I just thought today would be a good day to tell you about a few more of my favorite things!

The first one being, Angel Food cake. Specifically Angel Food cake from Market Basket. I don't know why, but it is the tastiest by far. Moist and sweet. Yummy!

Next up we have this very small picture of my absolute favorite lip gloss in the world. The only kind I will ever use, ever! I try other stuff and my lips become something I don't want attached to my face. Use this and they can hang around for a bit longer!
I may as well add some of my favorite flavors. Just so you know!

Now this little gem is worth each and every penny! It lasts only a short time, but it's the best "short time" ever. It says it's great chilled, but I wouldn't know about that It never lasts long enough to get chilled.

Oh yes. Another favorite flavor. And worth every penny as well!
I'm adding one more for good measure. Besides, if I want to make lipgloss one of my only favorite things I can.

I think I need more favorite things...oh, I have second...

Ahhhhh....that's much better!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sad...but true!

If gas keeps going up this is how all of us will be taking our vacation

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meet Afton's friends

She has lots of them. Only a few have names that are remembered though.

Most of them are renamed after she can't remember the original name.

Allow me to introduce you to the current cast of friends.

This is Scrupty. Scrupty had a name change today. Now Scrupty is Herbie.
We've been watching the old Herbie movies lately. Hence the new name.

This is Angel Bear. Pretty self explanatory.

This is Shralla (she loves these types of names)

Next up is Hoppy (sometimes she prefers the obvious)

Alla is the puppy

Here are her friends all hanging out together!

Afton loves her friends.

I love that she has such a creative, imaginative mind!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday funny

I read this the other day and thought it was pretty cute! It was taken from the All In a Day's Work in the July 2008 Readers Digest.

When our school librarian announced she was changing schools, my fellow teacher asked a student, "Why do you think Ms. Richardson is leaving?"
The third grader opined, "Because she's read all our books?"

Barristas & kids

With all the crazy running around we've been doing lately it's understandable that by Thursday or Friday I'm pooped (to put it bluntly).

Last night I could feel the pressure rising, the crabbiness comin' on, and the patience wearing thin. I just wanted some quiet time. No noise. No talking. No whining. Just me...and silence. I didn't rush through the bedtime routine, but I wasn't going easy either. Finally, Caleb was in bed and I sat down on the couch to chill out for a bit. Afton was still up with Mike, so I could hear her in the background. I remember thinking, "I just want to hear nothing right now."

Ever since that moment I knew I needed to drop to my knees and pray for patience, peace, love, compassion, and joy in the midst of my selfish tiredness. So, I woke up praying that I would be the mom God wanted me to be for my kids and the mom my kids need! I am their model. I need to be modeling all the things I'm not.

So, this morning, after sending Mike off to work with a kiss and his coffee, doing the laundry, showering and dressing I plopped on the couch to get in a bit of quiet time.

God knows exactly what I need. He is amazing and awesome. So awesome that he put this blog in front of my face. Not only was it exactly what my struggle is about, but He incorporated my favorite little coffee shop into the post as well! Talk about using other people and coffee to get a point across!

My body is still worn out & sleepy, but my spirit is renewed.

So, thank you JMom from Lots of Scotts. You were an answer to prayer in a way only God could orchestrate.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chi~chi's take me away

After a particularly frustrating visit to the grocery store this morning,
I finally get my cranky children out and into the parking lot.

As we are walking towards our van I see a cart in the middle of the parking lot.

You know how they have the advertisements for certain products on the front?

Well, this is what greeted me after our little excursion.

It was so ironic I had to laugh...and then take a picture of it!

R-U-N spells "I don't think so"

If the title doesn't give me away then I'll just come right out and say it.

I don't like to run.

I've never liked running. Never been a runner. Would run to save my life, but not for fun. Have run with my kids, but it's more like a pathetic jog. I just don't like running.


I'm going to start running. I have 15-20 extra pounds of baby weight that I need to drop. I'm tired of seeing it around my middle and having to cover it up. It's not horrible, but I see it in every picture and I don't like it.

Coincidentally (or not) two people in the past two weeks have started running and one has lost an amazing amount of weight within the two weeks we've seen each other. My other friend just happened to mention at home group that she started running as well. A sign?

So....fine...I'll do it! I don't have to like it though. And I'm not starting out by running. I'm going to walk, jog, run, pant, heave, crawl and then work myself back up to walking again! That's how I work when it comes to running.

Anyway, I want to start this week and begin with a 15 - 20 minute "session". We'll see how that works out. HA!

My friend, Amy, mentioned she found this website that has a running program. Guess what the title is. "The Couch to 5K Running Plan". So, I'm not that bad...I definitely would like to be that bad that I'm on the couch all the time, but I'm not that lucky! My kids seem to keep me off of it. Maybe because they know I'd try to sneak in a nap! Their smart like that.

I figure with a title like that it has to be my kind of running plan, right?

So, here is where you come in. I need motivation. I need a push off the couch. I need the kick in the pants that Apple is so good at *wink*. I need to be reminded that the belly jiggle just isn't going to jump off by itself. Nope. It won't. I've been trying to coax it off, but it won't listen. So, darn it, I'm going to run it off!

Go get your pom-poms, your cheerleader outfit, your bull horn and start getting on my case because I need it. If I'm not annoyed with you then you're not doing your job! I need to be annoyed (in a loving way, of course!)

T-minus 20lbs...and counting!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There are some pretty big things going on in our family right now. It could mean a lot of changes for everyone. These changes would be good, but difficult in a lot of ways. All of this has me thinking about fear. During these moments it's easy to be afraid of the next move, or the next decision. It's also easy to be paralyzed by that fear and not do anything for fear of making the wrong decision.

The amazing part is that we don't have to be afraid. Mike and I are not afraid of what's ahead. We know what God wants us to do. We also know that we need to be on our knees praying daily, by the hour, by the minute for sensitivity to His will. We need to be willing to make the tough decision to move forward with something and not be afraid of the future. Our future, our family's future is in God's hands. We just need to trust Him and be faithful to what He has called us to do.

So many times I sit down and think about what God wants us to do. It's so easy to get caught up in what we want that we stop listening to His still, small voice. That is why my morning quiet time is so important. As a Christian we need to pray and study God's word. We need to be in it daily so we will be prepared when things come up.

Hebrews 4:12 says, "For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires."

I believe and know that God's word is true, alive and 100% accurate. God shows himself to me in amazing ways through his scripture. For instance, when I am struggling with something, I know I can begin a study in the Bible and find the answers or solution to whatever I am facing. God provided the answers for us, we just need to seek them out.

So, when it comes to fear I wholly believe that we need to put our faith and trust in God. We don't need to be afraid. He already has a plan for our lives. We need to have faith and take the next step.

Psalm 112

1 Praise the Lord! How joyful are those who fear the Lord and delight in obeying his commands.
2 Their children will be successful everywhere;an entire generation of godly people will be blessed.
3 They themselves will be wealthy, and their good deeds will last forever.
4 Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous.
5 Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly.
6 Such people will not be overcome by evil. Those who are righteous will be long remembered.
7 They do not fear bad news;they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.
8 They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly.
9 They share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered
forever. They will have influence and honor.
10 The wicked will see this and be infuriated. They will grind their teeth in anger; they will slink
away, their hopes thwarted.

When fear is used in these verses the meaning is respect, reverence, adoration. Not fear as in being afraid of something. I take great comfort in those verses. Especially verse 7. We do not need to fear bad news, God will take care of us!

Psalm 56: 3 & 4 "But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. I praise God for what He has promised. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?"

I cling to these verses on a daily basis. They remind me that nothing will happen to me that is outside of God's will. That doesn't mean life will be perfect. It doesn't mean we will have it easy. In fact, we may have it very difficult, but He never promised an easy life.

I'm not on this earth to please myself, live an easy life, earn lots of money, or have lots of stuff. I do not live my life to receive praise from people. Although it is nice, it's not what I live for. I only live to bring honor and glory to my heavenly Father. To please Him in all that I do and say and to do what He has called me to do.

Mike and I are not afraid of what is to come. We are prepared and just need to keep doing our part until this is finished or God leads us in a different direction.

These are just some things God was putting on my heart write about.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family, fun, sun, sand, surf & sisters

We had a busy, fun filled, family weekend! We traveled to a wedding, we ate, we danced, Steph drove home. We had family over on Sunday, we played, we laughed, my sisters practiced driving, we went to the beach, took great pictures, laughed, had lots of fun...then came home!

So, here I am finally posting pictures of the fun filled weekend! I hope you enjoy them!

My handsome hubby with his "I'm about to take a drink" look

Mike dancing with his mom at the wedding

Miya and Grammie

The soda my dad had made for Matt & Carrie.

Kel is driving us to Wal-Mart

Traditional funny pictures

Kaileah was totally scared by Kelsey's face...yar...eeek!

"Hey, where'd everybody go? Guys?

We do a mean hula hoop!

We're neck n' know...that was bad!

Don't mess with us

This is what they do to Afton when I'm not around!

Shadow hand hearts

Heading to the beach was cold! That's Caleb's head peaking out
of the towel! We hadn't even gotten to the water yet!


Trying to get a family beach didn't work

So, Mike and I took our own picture!

And then we took some of Dad and Mike

And us...wheeeee

And us again

Kaileah and I went swimming. A wave took me out!

So, that's pretty much the weekend in pictures. What could be better than that, huh?