Thursday, July 17, 2008

R-U-N spells "I don't think so"

If the title doesn't give me away then I'll just come right out and say it.

I don't like to run.

I've never liked running. Never been a runner. Would run to save my life, but not for fun. Have run with my kids, but it's more like a pathetic jog. I just don't like running.


I'm going to start running. I have 15-20 extra pounds of baby weight that I need to drop. I'm tired of seeing it around my middle and having to cover it up. It's not horrible, but I see it in every picture and I don't like it.

Coincidentally (or not) two people in the past two weeks have started running and one has lost an amazing amount of weight within the two weeks we've seen each other. My other friend just happened to mention at home group that she started running as well. A sign?

So....fine...I'll do it! I don't have to like it though. And I'm not starting out by running. I'm going to walk, jog, run, pant, heave, crawl and then work myself back up to walking again! That's how I work when it comes to running.

Anyway, I want to start this week and begin with a 15 - 20 minute "session". We'll see how that works out. HA!

My friend, Amy, mentioned she found this website that has a running program. Guess what the title is. "The Couch to 5K Running Plan". So, I'm not that bad...I definitely would like to be that bad that I'm on the couch all the time, but I'm not that lucky! My kids seem to keep me off of it. Maybe because they know I'd try to sneak in a nap! Their smart like that.

I figure with a title like that it has to be my kind of running plan, right?

So, here is where you come in. I need motivation. I need a push off the couch. I need the kick in the pants that Apple is so good at *wink*. I need to be reminded that the belly jiggle just isn't going to jump off by itself. Nope. It won't. I've been trying to coax it off, but it won't listen. So, darn it, I'm going to run it off!

Go get your pom-poms, your cheerleader outfit, your bull horn and start getting on my case because I need it. If I'm not annoyed with you then you're not doing your job! I need to be annoyed (in a loving way, of course!)

T-minus 20lbs...and counting!

1 comment:

Apple said...

HA! You crack me up!

I'm cheering for you...maybe we can do this "together" and be accountability partners. Heaven knows, I read your post and thought, "How did I manage to post my thoughts on Steph's blog?"

Email me, we'll plan ahead with how many minutes we plan to run a bout that for a kick in the pants?!