Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heel cream, self tanner and toothpaste

Don't be afraid of my title. It's ok, really!

I thought I would do everyone a favor and report on a few products that I love, am learning to love,
and hopefully will love.

First up is the heel cream. Now don't do the eye roll and say you don't need it. If you wear flip flops year round like I do (except when the snow is able to touch my toes) then you need it! Do me a favor a look at the back of your heel? Is it a) smooth and soft or b) rough and cracked? If you chose "b" then I have a product for you....Flexitol Heel Balm.

Now, my heels were not nearly as bad as the picture on the box. In fact, they were pretty smooth. They needed a little extra smoothing and softening so I found this in Wal-Mart, read the ingredients and decided to buy it. I must say that after 2 days of using it my feet are even smoother and my heels look even better than they did. So, I highly recommend this for cute, sandal ready feet.

Second product is for your teeth. Actually, it's two products. The first one is Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Kit.

Fortunately my teeth weren't the color of margarine, but I drink several cups of coffee a days so they could have been whiter. I wanted to buy something that would work, but that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I like the tray idea even though it wasn't the most attractive thing to have in your mouth. So, I found this (again, at Wal-Mart) and tried it. I like the results and as long as I use it faithfully it does produce the desired results.

Then I wanted to find a good toothpaste. Mike has been wanting to try a certain one, so I picked it up.
I have to say, Crest Pro-Health is worth the extra dollar! I love the way my mouth feels after I brush. I'm thinking that with the whitening and the toothpaste I'll have awesome teeth. Again, that's if I'm faithful on the whitening! Definitely love this toothpaste though.

Now, the next product I have no picture for. That's because I haven't tried anything yet and I have no idea what to buy! In fact, I'm scared to buy anything at all. I'm referring to the dreaded self tanner. Part of me wants to buy and try before the wedding this Saturday, but a
little voice keeps telling me that it's not a smart idea. I don't want to look like an oompa loompa walking down the aisle.

Not very becoming for a bridesmaid, and and definitely not flattering in pictures! So, I probably won't buy anything. There's nothing wrong with white legs, right?

That's all I have for now. If I do feel brave enough to try a self tanner then I will definitely give you an update. Feel free to share your favorite products and if you have any suggestions for a good self tanner I'd really appreciate it!!!!


Apple said...

A lot of the women at school use the Dove tanner. I think it's more of a "tinter" than a tanner though...but if you go out and buy it NOW and apply it a couple times a will probably take the edge off your paleness...I mean your peaches and cream complexion. *wink and laugh*

Mrs. B. said...

Great post! I will be looking for the heel cream, I'm a big barefoot girl, so I always have funky feet. :)
Self-tanner? Jergens. I'll write a post on it. Love it.

Tamara said...

Don't do the self tanner! Don't you know, pale is the new tan? :)