Friday, October 30, 2009


My blog is quite familiar with the backseat these days. I'm sure it could rustle up a few coins, several dead leaves, some stale cheerios and a dried out marker or three from in between the seats.

However, I have to think the backseat can't be all that bad. You gain a totally different perspective of things around you. You can see where you are going AND where you've been (if you turn around), you don't get kicked in the back by feet on your seat, however you GET to do the kicking.....

What I'm basically getting at is I've let my blogging slip because I've had bigger fish to fry. The summer was a busy one with it's fair share of difficulties. Can I have a summer re-do? I've realized how fast time flies! Didn't we just celebrate Christmas last month???

I can't promise I'll be "back" for any amount of time. When things get crazy my computer time tends to be cut short, and rightfully so!

During my blog neglect break I have learned (and am still learning) lots.

  • I have found that I absolutely love cottage cheese and pomegranate!!! Oh yes! So delicious!
  • I have heard the most interesting sentences come from my son's mouth. More on that later.
  • I've heard my girl start reading & in turn found out that Caleb is now reading small words just from listening to her sister's learning.
  • I have realized the importance of having that one, godly woman in your life. The one you look up to & admire for her relationship with God, her husband and her family.
  • I am still learning how to let my house go just so I can spend time with my children.
  • I have felt the pain of losing 2 little ones to miscarriage & knowing that a friend "wasted" a precious life because it wasn't convenient or easy.
I could go on and on, but those are just a few things I could think of off the top of my head.

I wouldn't take back any of the good things about this past summer, but I would not want to re-live it. I'm happy we move on and make better choices as we learn and grow. I'm glad God takes the negative in our lives and uses it for good.

I'm so thankful He saved me and is so patient with me even when I make the same stupid mistakes over and over.

I'm thankful He is still growing me in the wife and mother He wants me to be.

This year has been a year of struggles, heartache, letting go and growth. While I wouldn't like to repeat it I am so thankful God allows these things to happen so that we may grow in Him & be wiser & more thankful because of it.

So, with all the being said. I hope I am back to blogging a bit more regularly. I make no promises, however I will try my best.