Friday, July 18, 2008

Barristas & kids

With all the crazy running around we've been doing lately it's understandable that by Thursday or Friday I'm pooped (to put it bluntly).

Last night I could feel the pressure rising, the crabbiness comin' on, and the patience wearing thin. I just wanted some quiet time. No noise. No talking. No whining. Just me...and silence. I didn't rush through the bedtime routine, but I wasn't going easy either. Finally, Caleb was in bed and I sat down on the couch to chill out for a bit. Afton was still up with Mike, so I could hear her in the background. I remember thinking, "I just want to hear nothing right now."

Ever since that moment I knew I needed to drop to my knees and pray for patience, peace, love, compassion, and joy in the midst of my selfish tiredness. So, I woke up praying that I would be the mom God wanted me to be for my kids and the mom my kids need! I am their model. I need to be modeling all the things I'm not.

So, this morning, after sending Mike off to work with a kiss and his coffee, doing the laundry, showering and dressing I plopped on the couch to get in a bit of quiet time.

God knows exactly what I need. He is amazing and awesome. So awesome that he put this blog in front of my face. Not only was it exactly what my struggle is about, but He incorporated my favorite little coffee shop into the post as well! Talk about using other people and coffee to get a point across!

My body is still worn out & sleepy, but my spirit is renewed.

So, thank you JMom from Lots of Scotts. You were an answer to prayer in a way only God could orchestrate.

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