Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh boy...this is a long one!

I can hear you muttering under your breath, "It better be for the length of time we had to wait!"

...and to that I say, "I'm sorry". I have a laundry list of excuses, but I'm too tired to start listing them, and boy are you lucky!

Thanks to Apple for the kick in the pants...umm...*cough cough*...I mean, reminder, that I left you hanging for too long! *wink*

So, go enjoy the photos. They are in order and I'll put a bit of commentary on each one.

The blushing bride to be, Carrie.

Me, my sisters and my mom

The bridesmaid luncheon

Me and my sisters at the luncheon

Releasing the tension

We are the YMCA

Awww....a kiss after my brothers fireworks display

They really are perfect for each other!

Mirror images

The beautiful bride

The vows

Carrie and "her girls"

Matt and the girls

Matt and "his guys"

The happy couple

Matt's "rock" (aka ring pop)

My handsome brother, the groom

Me and Matt

Me and Mike

Mike, Caleb and my dad

Matt's already keeping Carrie in line with is rockin' guitar

Awesome wedding cake!

Cutting the cake

My boy loves cake!

Mike and Afton

The End

Congratulations to my brother, Matt, and his new wife, Carrie!
I love you both so much!

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Apple said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

PS We all need a friend to give us a jump-start every now and again. *smile*