Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meet Afton's friends

She has lots of them. Only a few have names that are remembered though.

Most of them are renamed after she can't remember the original name.

Allow me to introduce you to the current cast of friends.

This is Scrupty. Scrupty had a name change today. Now Scrupty is Herbie.
We've been watching the old Herbie movies lately. Hence the new name.

This is Angel Bear. Pretty self explanatory.

This is Shralla (she loves these types of names)

Next up is Hoppy (sometimes she prefers the obvious)

Alla is the puppy

Here are her friends all hanging out together!

Afton loves her friends.

I love that she has such a creative, imaginative mind!

1 comment:

Apple said...

Afton has got gorgeous eyes...I hope your husband has the shot gun polished.

(On second thought, is that a Southern thing to talk about the dad standing on the porch with a shot gun to keep the boys away?)