Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family, fun, sun, sand, surf & sisters

We had a busy, fun filled, family weekend! We traveled to a wedding, we ate, we danced, Steph drove home. We had family over on Sunday, we played, we laughed, my sisters practiced driving, we went to the beach, took great pictures, laughed, had lots of fun...then came home!

So, here I am finally posting pictures of the fun filled weekend! I hope you enjoy them!

My handsome hubby with his "I'm about to take a drink" look

Mike dancing with his mom at the wedding

Miya and Grammie

The soda my dad had made for Matt & Carrie.

Kel is driving us to Wal-Mart

Traditional funny pictures

Kaileah was totally scared by Kelsey's face...yar...eeek!

"Hey, where'd everybody go? Guys?

We do a mean hula hoop!

We're neck n' neck...lol...I know...that was bad!

Don't mess with us

This is what they do to Afton when I'm not around!

Shadow hand hearts

Heading to the beach

Brrrr...it was cold! That's Caleb's head peaking out
of the towel! We hadn't even gotten to the water yet!


Trying to get a family beach picture...it didn't work

So, Mike and I took our own picture!

And then we took some of Dad and Mike

And us...wheeeee

And us again

Kaileah and I went swimming. A wave took me out!

So, that's pretty much the weekend in pictures. What could be better than that, huh?

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Apple said...

FUN! You're missing a sista though :(