Monday, July 28, 2008

One down

I'm down a love bugger today, so mama's a little sad!

Afton went with Mike's parents for a two night visit. They picked her up yesterday afternoon and she'll be back on Tuesday!

While there are some days I would love a little bit of quiet time, I never wish my children to be gone. Maybe just to go for a walk or ride with daddy or maybe to the park. Never to actually leave the house for several days. Mike and I found it to be very hard to say goodbye to her. To watch her little hand waving at us out her window. To hear her little voice say, "Bye b
ye...I love you!" That was hard and we both were a bit choked up.

I know she'll have fun and will be safe, so I'm thrilled about that! Plus, she'll be seeing Miya which will make her so happy! I'm really glad she has this chance to visit, and she'll be doing again next week when my Mom & Dad G are at the cottage on the lake! Lucky girl!

So, today I will be praying for my girl to have a wonderful, safe, fun tim
e. To laugh and giggle and ask lots of questions as always. I will be thinking of her and knowing that she is enjoying this time to the fullest.

Today I will spend some time with my boy. Focusing on him, reading to him, playing with him and giving him all the attention. It will be nice for him to the "only child" for a bit. I know he'll miss Afton because he always does. He asks for her and loo
ks for her and I'll explain she is with Grammie and Grampa and Miya. Then we'll go read more stories!

Have a blast today and tomorrow my beautiful love bug! We will miss you, but we know you'll have so much fun! We'll be thinking of you and praying for you sweet girl! We love you whole bunches!

Lots of love,
Mommy and Daddy

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Apple said...

So sweet. What a pretty girl...she looks just like her mama!