Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catch me if you can

It's actually more like I'll catch up on the blogging when I can.

I'm at the "crazy" part of the week where my brain is starting to self destruct and purposefully fry itself in an effort to make the madness stop!

Ok, not really, but I'm definitely feeling the pressure of the next few days.

Saturday is a HUGE day for us. Me, Mike and our 3 kids are in my brothers wedding. So, not only do outfits need to be kept track of, but so do extra clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, food (can't forget to feed my kids or hubby), pies, and a million other things I'm forgetting!

I can't even imagine how the bachelor and bachelorette are feeling!

So, while my goal is to keep you entertained, challenged, encouraged and to make you think, I thought it would be fair to warn you that I may be MIA for 2 days.

Now, please don't cry and just leave me in a puddle of your tears...I'll be back...promise.

I even have the ability to schedule posts. So, if you read something over the next few days I probably pre-wrote it and had it post on a certain day. Pretty sneaky, huh?

Alright, I'm over and out. I have some work I need to do now. Like laundry.

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