Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Does someone have a tissue?

Two Christmases ago I received a very cool gift from the wonderful in-laws!

It was a Swiffer Sweeper + Vac! It is the best invention ever! I'm not joking! It totally eliminates the need for a broom and dustpan or a vacuum. It takes the best part of a swiffer and combines it with the best part of a vacuum and puts it into one, very stylish unit! Plus, I save money by not buying the replacement pads! I cut up my own! I took an old jersey pillow case and cut it into the right size squares. That way I can use, wash and reuse them. It works just as good!

I've swiffed my kitchen floor twice, if not three times, a day, my bathroom floor daily, my entry way daily, and by the kitty box several times a day for the past 1 1/2 years!

Today I am sad to announce that it has bit the dust (I know, I know...I couldn't resist!!!).

I've been in denial for several days saying that "it just needs to be charged again" "maybe if I leave it alone it will come back to life" and the most obvious case of denial "noooooooooooooo...it's not possible. I've given it a good productive life here!". Today I am coming out of the denial closet and admitting that it's not coming back.

So, it's time to replace my best, floor cleaning friend because I'm getting tired of lugging the real vacuum around the entire house!

I'll introduce you all when I get it!

Until then....

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