Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off day

Not as in "I'm taking a day off", more like, I've been "off" today. Not myself...

This morning was good, the day itself was good, the kids were good, but "stuff" is going on and I have a heavy heart.

However, I did get in a good 2.5 mile jog/fast that helped me vent a bit of emotions.

I should be back to "normal" tomorrow...sorry for the no show in posting!

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Nicole said...

Hi Steph! Sorry to hear about your "off" day=( Thankfully there are many more delightful days than off ones. Thanks for your show of concern with my "off" days.

2.5 miles, that's sure to release some of the pressures of life! Way to go!

See you soon,
Lots of Love,