Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disgustingly delicious

This post goes out to all of you who love food! Delicious, fattening, tasty food!

I made an amazing dessert last night that I found on a blog I read faithfully! Who's read the Pioneer Woman's blog? If you haven't than you're are missing something! She has a gift for blogging and her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels love story is amazing. It's the story of how she and her hubby "Marlboro Man" (no, he doesn't smoke) met, fell in love, married, and started a family.

She also has a section of her blog for recipes. The most delicious, mouth watering, picture including recipes you could imagine. It was in this very section that I found a naughty little recipe for Apple Dumplings.

I've been dying to try them for about 3 weeks now, but our hectic schedule just didn't allow it. So, finally last night I decided to just do it!

I peeled, cut, melted, mixed, rolled and baked these sinful bites and when they came out of the oven I let them cool. After 5 minutes I couldn't wait any longer. I put two in my bowl, plopped some Cool Whip on top and took a bite!

*insert choir of angels*

It was so good I wanted to curl up in a corner and eat the whole thing myself! Unfortunately, my hubby saw them cooling so I knew I couldn't get away with it. He, of course, couldn't wait to try them and I warned him before he took a bite too. His first words were, "Oh, wow!" If that's any indication of how good they were.

So, many thanks to you, Ree! I love your blog, I love your cooking, I love your love story and thank you for starting all of it and sharing it with us!

Unfortunately, I won't be making these very often because I still have my two children hanging on to my belly, hips and butt! I need to run them off, but maybe this will be my reward for all the hard work! That and new clothes.

Right, Apple? *wink*


Apple said...

You evil, evil woman!

Jen said...

Sounds so good! Of course, I would have to up my running to twice a day :)