Monday, June 30, 2008


Today is the start of a very busy week leading up to my brothers wedding on Saturday! Yay...he's getting married and we'll have another sister!!!!!

During this week I will be doing a lot of final prep work for the coming weekend. All 5 of us are in the wedding so that means 3 dresses, 1 tux, 1 little boy suit (so cute!), 5 pairs of dress shoes (*gasp* I forgot Caleb's dress shoes!!!!! Oh my goodness, see what happens?! Ok...I have to add that to my to do list for this week!..back to my list), 3 hairstyles, my makeup, extra clothes for all, 12 pudding pies (for our churches 4th of July bash...didn't realize my brother would pick the day after to get married!!!), Afton swim lessons on Monday and Wednesday, home group for us on Tuesday, Thursday is the rehearsal, Friday I drop off the pies on my way to Concord for the bridesmaid luncheon, Friday night is at the hotel with Carrie and the bridesmaids, and Saturday is the BIG DAY!

So, that's just a brief rundown of the week. Not to mention the normal stuff that has to be laundry, dishes, know, those things.

Anway, I will need your prayers...a lot of prayers! Please pray that I am able to remember the little things, the big things, the food things, and the clothes things. I have to go finish my list for this week because I'll be lost without it.

With all that being said, I may not be posting books for your enjoyment. They may be more like panicked "help me" posts, or post telling you that if you don't pray for me know I'll cry and then rip up my list in protest, then cry some more when I have to make a new one. it won't be that bad! In fact, I know that everything will work out beautifully. Crazy, but beautifully. Hopefully, when it's all said and done, I will have a few amazing, fun, funny pictures to share with you.

Speaking of fun, you know the game where you have a baseball bat and you put your forehead on it and then go around in a circle with your head on the bat and the bat on the ground? Well, me and my sisters, Kelsey and Kaileah, did that last night! We were inspired by the show Wipeout so we went out to try it. Good thing we didn't have our cameras because it was embarrassing and hilarious!!!!! I think I have the "will always fall down" gene. My sisters have the "I don't fall down,but I look cool being dizzy" gene. How fair is that? Needless to say, I ended up in the trees and on the ground twice! You should try's fun!

Well, I'm done procrastinating and entertaining you all. I have to go make a list and start attacking it!

Happy Monday :)

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Apple said...

I was at Michael's craft store this weekend and a mother/daughter team was in the "wedding aisle" discussing something girly and I thought to myself "Thank you, Jesus, that I'm not planning a wedding." Uh, I hated that.

Oh and I'm praying for you, by the way.