Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conversation with a 4 1/2 year old

This is one conversation I didn't anticipate having with my daughter.

Let's start with a history lesson, shall we?

A few days ago we were chatting with the kids as they were playing outside. Now, you should know that my kids love bugs. Ants, worms, slugs, butterflies, moths, bees, spiders (ewwww!). Basically, anything creepy crawly. On this particular day we were talking about ants. More specifically, eating ants.

As a mom, we tend to tell our kids "no" when they ask if they can eat ants. Technically they answer would be yes, but I really don't want to go there. My hubby decides to give that answer though. So, my kids decided to push it a bit further to where we end up having to discuss why someone can/would eat ants and how they definitely should not! (He also mentioned chocolate covered ants...bad move...it made them sound even more delicious)

Anyway, that conversation went fine and there were no ant-eating-incidents that day.

Fast forward to today...

I was folding laundry when Afton comes up and stands in the doorway.

"Mom, can I eat an ant?"

"No, honey. People don't need to eat ants."

"But I won't eat a red one." (because the red ones "sting" you, of course)

"It's not really a good idea. Sometimes it's OK to eat ants, but not where we live."

"but Dad said..."

(I interrupt this "but" fest)

"yes, honey, I know what daddy said, but...." (my own "but" fest)

...and then, I momentarily lost all sense of reason, and decided that, instead of explaining the "why's" and "how's" I would just.....

"OK, honey. If you find a black ant you may eat it."


Not really sure what took over my mind at that moment. It just came out! You know what she said then?

"Well, I found one and I had to take it back out of my mouth quickly! It was gross! It tasted like throw up!"

Apparently, she had already tried to eat an ant then she asked permission.

At least we won't be having that conversation again. Until Caleb. And I'll tell him the same thing.


Jen said...

Ha Ha! That was priceless.

I just love having conversations with kids. They are always interesting!

Apple said...

Great response! It appears that you and I may have very similar parenting techniques.

Pick your battles.

Mathew Meanderings said...

Oh! That is hilarious!

Apple said...

OH! Forgot to tell you...DON"T let Afton watch Man vs Wild.

She'll get all sorts of crazy ideas about what things are edible. If J walks in while I'm watching it, I have to explain that while Bear Grylls bites a snakes head off...we DO NOT!! haha

Anonymous said...
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Apple said...

The last comment, that I deleted, was from me...but I was signed in under my real name somehow...I don't pretend to understand it.

Now you know my real name :O