Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's that time of year

Can you guess it?

Nope. Not mosquito season.

Nope. Not summer vacation.

Nope. Not allergy season (aahhhhchoooo *sniffle*)


Guess what we did this morning?

Yup, we picked strawberries!

Lots of red, ripe, sweet, tasty strawberries!

So, to celebrate strawberry picking season I made myself this.

I tried to make it look professional, but apparently I need more practice.
No worries! I have more strawberries, more cake, and more chocolate sauce.
I'll practice until the cows come home if I have to!
(or until my kids get up from their quiet time)

Well, I'm about to devour this so go wipe the drool off of your screen
and go pick some strawberries!

Ciao for now!


Apple said...

Aw, our season is in May...all our strawberries are gone :(

Apple said...

Don't tempt me with the offer of the strawberries ;) There are few desserts that I like more than strawberry shortcake.