Monday, June 16, 2008

Afton in the kitchen

Afton is the sweetest and most thoughtful little girl. Lately, she has been into making "special treats" for people. These "treats" are made with lots of love and creativity...and many different varieties of foods she finds...everywhere! It could be a banana, some grapes, bread, water, yogurt, ranch dressing, name it, she adds it!

This is all well and good until she wants us to try it! You can see the excitement on her face, the anticipation, the delight she takes in making this just for us. How could we say anything other than, "Thank you so much!" "What a wonderful job you did!" and "I will definitely try a bite!".

The most recent "victim" was my sister, Megan, and what better way to tell a story then with pictures?

See how Afton is watching to make sure she actually eats it?
This was after Meg took the bite.

Close up of the masterpiece.

When Afton ran to the living room, the creation made it's way
to the trash (don't worry, Afton never even knew)
See, all gone!

Afton saw that it was all gone and said, "Wow, you were really hungry!"
Then we had to convince her that Megan was really full too!

My sweet, thoughtful, wonderful, creative little girl! What would we do without her? We definitely wouldn't be laughing this much. She brings joy, innocence, wonder, activity, laughter, and happiness to our wonderful little family.

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Apple said...

Wow! I bet Afton doesn't even realize how lucky she is to have Megan as an aunt. I can't wait until she's grown and you show her those pictures...I think Afton's going to owe Aunt Megan something great for that one!!