Sunday, September 28, 2008

That's what friends are fore

I just had to say thank you to my best and closest friend, Katie!

We grew up together, laughed together, played together, did crazy things together and we still have the best time together.

We went out on Friday night in honor of my birthday. We had to postpone our initial trip out due to family stuff. So, to commemorate my 30th birthday we took a trip down memory lane...

We went rollerskating!!

Now, we have a history with rollerskating. We used to go on these youth group trips called the "Super Bowl". This was when we went with our youth group on an all nighter. We would go see a hockey or basketball game, then go bowling for half the night and rollerskating for the other half.

We loved rollerskating. We did the races, the games and the couple skates. Although, she did remind me that I ditched her for a boy that liked me once. I didn't remember that, but she did. I guess it was a painful moment for her. Sorry Kate! I still love you and I don't remember couple skating with Kevin B...if that makes you feel any better! Did I skate with him before or after you fell down and sat on my head? That could account for the memory loss...

Anyway, so we went rollerskating at that same place. Boy did that bring back memories! We had a ton of fun. Except when the guy jyped me of my tickets for the really cool prizes. I know I could have gotten more toys if he had actually counted them! Who weighs tickets anyway?

After that we went out for dessert and an appetizer. She made me choose the place and since it was 10:00pm my brain wasn't quite functioning. So, I chose Fridays!

We had a blast chatting and just enjoying a dinner where we could actually finish a conversation.

I ended up forgetting to bring my camera in when we were rollerskating, but not of the "after party".

These were the wicked cool teeth I got with the tickets I won!
I put them in as we skated around the rink.

I had to get at least one normal picture of us. I'd say we did pretty good!

Not so normal...but fun, nonetheless. Who said you can't have fun when you're thirty?

So, thank you to my most awesome friend. I thank God for you every day and I'm so glad we are here for each other. It may take a month, and we'll have to schedule it a month in advance, but I look forward to being able to hang out and have fun!


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