Thursday, September 11, 2008

Daily nourishment

We have a home group that we attend on Tuesday nights. It's so amazing to be able to fellowship and read God's word together.

We just finished up reading the book of Romans, so this past Tuesday night we started a new study. We started reading the book Christian Beliefs. We've only gone through the first chapter and that was great. I can't imagine how the rest of the book will be.

I want to share a quote or three that really stood out. This first one goes along with a post from last week regarding spending one on one time with God.

"Just as our physical lives are maintained by daily nourishment with physical food, so our spiritual lives are maintained by daily nourishment with the Word of God. To neglect regular reading of the Bible is detrimental to the health of our souls."

The next quote is not something that I struggle with, but something that I hear questioned on a daily basis. People question the truth of the Scriptures, and it being God's word. There is no doubt in my mind who is the author of the Bible. God inspired men, moved by the Holy Spirit, to write His words. I also have no doubt that each and every word is true.

"All the words in the Bible are God's words. Therefore, to disbelieve or disobey them is to disbelieve or disobey God himself."

"As God's very words, the words of Scripture are more than simply true; they are truth itself."

"To disbelieve God himself is to place yourself as a higher authority with a deeper, more developed understanding on a topic or topics than God himself"

Just these few quotes gives us more than enough to think about. I am so glad my life is in His hands. I don't need to worry about tomorrow, fret about what is coming, or try to control daily events. I just need to remain faithful and trust in God not matter what. I need to be obedient to His commands. I need to be in the Word daily and faithfully praying for God to reveal Himself to me and that I would trust in Him no matter what comes my way. He takes care of the rest!

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I agree 100% that to disbelieve the Bible is to disbelieve God. One of the definitions of Christian faith is believing what God says. This is the faith that Abraham had when he believed God and God counted his belief as righteousness (Romans 4:1-8, James 2:21-24, Genesis 15:1-6). We have to be willing to believe what God says more than what men tell us, more than our personal opinions, and more than the traditions we were raised in. That can be hard, because there is always the temptation to twist or interpret scriptures to mean what we want them to mean or to fit what we already believe.

It helped me many years ago to be able to prove through fulfilled prophecy that the Bible was inspired by God. But even after that, I had to make a choice to believe what God says and to trust His word as absolute truth.