Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ordinary day? No such thing...

Wednesday started out as an ordinary day. A day just like all the rest. Mike got up, got ready for work and left. I got up waved goodbye, jumped in the shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, drank coffee and had my quiet time. The kids woke up, they were dressed, fed and cleaned up.

We went about our morning just like usual. The kids had their quiet time while I worked. I tried to catch up on things before having to figure out dinner.

It's getting cooler outside so I decided to make chicken broth for homemade chicken soup.

So, I boiled the chicken, drained it, set aside the broth to cool, and started picking chicken off the bone.

Just as I was getting good and greasy by picking chicken, in walks Mike...and my sisters...and my dad...and my brother...and my sister in law and my brother in law!!!!

My wonderful hubby planned a surprise birthday party for me! He even convinced me he had a horrible headache on Tuesday so he could get out of home group to plan the party!

He ran around town buying the stuff to make his ice cream cake and he even picked up a travel mug from Starbucks for me. I absolutely love it!

I'm usually one to figure out these type of things, but I think Mike actually pulled one over on me. No, I know he did! I was completely surprised and I had no clue about anything.

So, here are a few pictures from the night. I'm usually the one taking pictures, so I don't have the "usual" shots I would have if it had been someone else's party! The pictures are great nonetheless!

The night came to a close with our in house artist, Topher, drawing portraits of us on the kids white boards. As you will see they actually look like us!

So, those are our photos. When I get more from everyone else I'll add them.

My family really knows me well too! Aside from the mug Mike bought me, I also received Starbucks gift cards, a gift card for clothes, one from VS, a really cool door knob pillow that is so cute (I'll take a picture and that will be a post for another day!), and also a bunch of wicked funny cards!

Thank you to my family, those that were able to make it and those that couldn't. Thank you for making my early birthday part so amazing. I love you all!

...and a big thank you to my wonderful husband who had to lie to me in order to surprise me. I forgive him completely and even told him he can lie to me again if it's for the same reason! I love you so much and am blessed beyond words to be your wife!

To everyone...enjoy your weekend and I'll be back on Sunday (hopefully!) with some cool pics from Saturday's family reunion.

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