Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't you just love a good marathon?

It could be any type of marathon.

Your favorite TV show.


Blog reading.

House cleaning.

The Boston marathon.


a GOLF marathon.

And it just so happens that my hubby will be playing in a 100 hole golf marathon. Yes, you heard me. 100 holes of golf, and it is to help support our local Young Life ministry.

Our church is an active supporter of Young Life and the ministry is has with teenagers and young people. Young Life brings Christian men and women into teenagers lives through events and circumstances that are already in place. They have the opportunity to go into schools and surrounding the community to interact with them in their own environment.

Through this interaction they become friends and develop special relationships and bonds with these teenagers. Then they are able to share the hope that only faith in Jesus offers.

This is a description from the
the Young Life website:

"Young Life seeks to carry the message of Jesus Christ into that tumultuous tide and points teenagers toward life as they were created to live it. Since 1941, the dynamic that has characterized Young Life is its commitment to relationships — Young Life leaders meeting kids on their turf in the interest of friendship. As leaders get to know teenagers, they are able to share the love of Jesus Christ through platforms like Young Life club, Campaigners and trips to camp.

Whether kids are seeking answers or just acceptance, Young Life is there for them, armed with a desire for fun and the ultimate message of hope."

So, Mike has decided to join in on this 100 hole golf marathon. It will be held on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 6 am sharp! Bright and early...

We are hoping that you would be willing to help support Young Life and their ministry by sponsoring Mike
on a "by hole" basis or with a specific dollar amount donation.

Mike's personal goal is to raise $1500 for our local Young Life. Anything is appreciated and if he can raise more that would be amazing!

Please visit Young Life online, read their mission and vision statement and then prayerfully consider
donating to help this wonderful ministry reach teenagers not only in the US, but across the world.

You can donate through this post using the button below. I will also have one on my blog where you
can donate as well.

If you prefer to mail a check please make it out to "Young Life" with GOLF in the memo line. Then
email me and I will give you the address you can mail it to.
(In my "about me" click on "view my complete profile. Then click on the "email me" link and voila...)

(Young Life is a non-profit 501(c)3. All donations made are tax deductible!)

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