Thursday, September 4, 2008

Caleb 1, Makeup 0

Sometimes you hear your children say something and you think the worst. As you check it out you realize the worst isn't as bad as you were thinking, but it's still not good.

That's what happened tonight.

We just get home and I am unpacking a few bags from the store. I start to make homemade strawberry lemonade when I hear Afton say, "Caleb, oh no, the glue!"

Instantly my first thought went to the Crazy Glue I just bought! I'm imagining fingers stuck together, fingers stuck on cheeks (not butt cheeks), fingers stuck on walls, other body parts stuck places I can only name it, I thought 2.3 seconds all "the worsts" ran through my brain.

As I run to investigate I see him holding a cup with some liquid in it and a bottle. Not quite seeing what it was I was relieved to see that at least it wasn't the super glue.

That relief turned to disappointment when I see my brand new bottle of mineral makeup at the bottom of a cup of water. I hadn't even had the chance to try it yet and the majority is just blobbing up and down in a Dora cup.

Speechless. (Well, almost. I had enough speech left in me to tell Caleb to go to his room)

I'm not sure what going to his room was going to do for him, but that was the only thing that came to mind at that moment!

After trying to salvage the little bit of make up I could by suctioning it back into the bottle, I gave up.

It didn't work very well and I didn't even care anymore. $8 and change down the drain instead of on my face. That'll teach me to leave interesting things on the counter!

Here is the wreckage ~