Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A piece of my day

Today is an unusually mild day in New England. Especially for November. It so beautiful out and the sun is shining. I haven't raked my yard yet because I love the way the leaves look as they cover the grass. It's almost like natures confetti.

So, this is what we've accomplished so far today:

* Left at 8:30 to bring Gracie (our cat) to the vet to get "fixed".
* Went to a local market to pick up some of Mike's favorite meat. Our home group is doing a dinner tonight and he mentioned he wanted to pick something up to grill. I picked up some sushi (packaged, but that's ok...Philadelphia rolls...mmmmm!)
* Voted and I have my sticker to prove it *big smile*
* Filled the van with gas at $2.19/gallon. I was excited!!!
* Went for a walk with the kiddos when we got back.
* Had lunch (mmmm...sushi...even the kids had a bite and liked it)
* Kids into quiet time
* Now I'm working

Later on we have to pick up Gracie and then come back home. I'm hoping to get the last two loads of laundry folded before Mike comes home and we have to go to our dinner. We shall see!

I'll leave you with this last bit of encouragement...DON'T FORGET TO VOTE...see you at the polls!

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