Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Parenting...a delicate balance

I was looking through a stack of recipes that I had cut out, set aside, ripped out, or saved. As I went through each recipe I put them into a pile: have tried, have to try, don't want to try, household cleaning recipes and fun recipes.

While I was sorting I picked up an oddly shaped, pink piece of paper. As I read the two blurbs on it I realized this was definitely something I needed to hear today. Once again, I was thankful that God has a way of putting things right in front of us when we least expect it. Sorting recipes...who would have thought I would have had my inspiration for the day doing that?! Pretty cool.

So, here is what was written on the oddly shaped piece of magazine paper I had picked up:

Stop and Reflect - Nicole Maki (Draper, Utah)

The best advice I received from another mom was to imagine that each of my boys has a mirror on his forehead so that I'll always be mindful of what he is seeing. Times that I'm frustrated by the thousandth request for fight, I remind myself of that little morror and check to make sure that my sons are seeing a face of patience and love.

Let Your Home Be a Haven - Julie Kreuscher (Kansasville, Wisconsin)

My children always seem well behaved when they are anywhere but home. My mother reminded me that everyone needs a place to fall apart, even adults, and if that place isn't your own home, where would it be? As always, she was right - we all need a place where we're comfortable enough to have a bad day and know that the people around us will love us no matter what.

I thought those were pretty good reminders, at least for me. I think about the first one more often though. When I'm speaking firmly to one of the love bugs I try to remember that I look kind of "large" to them. They are shorter, and if I am talking over them in a louder voice that is very intimidating and can see mean. It's always better to get down on their level, speak in a calmer (but firm) tone of voice and deal with the issue that way.

Obviously everyone has their own method of teaching, training and discipline, but I pray I am showing my children that I love them no matter what. Even when they are in trouble.

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