Sunday, November 2, 2008

For the undecided among us.

You have 2 days left. That's it. Have you decided who you will vote for?

I have already decided. For a while I was undecided. Not that I was choosing between Obama and McCain. Instead I was trying to decide if I should go with McCain because I do not agree with Obama on several huge issues, or if I should vote for a third party. I ended up making my decision tonight.

I was truly torn over this vote because I wanted to be sure that the vote I cast will be for the person God wants me to vote for. I know God is in 100% complete control over this election. The person that is voted in to be the next president will be the person God chooses. He is the decider. However, I still need to do my part.

As Christians, we have an obligation to vote for someone who, as much as possible, upholds those things that are holy, righteous, moral and Godly. For me, the biggest issue I am faced with in this election is the issue of abortion. Why have we lessened the severity of what it really is by calling it a "womans choice"? A "mistake"? A "punishment"? This is a baby! From the moment of conception it is a living, created being. A life. A life God created. To call it anything else such as the above, is to say God made a mistake and that He is not sovereign and holy.

So, please. Prayfully consider who you wish to be next president of the United States. Please cast your vote for a person who knows that life begins at conception and that a baby is not a punishment as one candidate stated.

Also remember this. No matter who wins this election we have a responsibility to pray for our leaders. That is a command from God. We are to respect and obey the leaders in authority over us so long as it does not go against what God as said.

Please take a minute and watch this video before making a decision on your candidate of choice.

In Him,

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Mommy B said...

I think too many hearts have forgotten what a horror abortion is. We see it on TV, but since it doesn't reside 'in our house' for some of us, we don't think twice about it. I think many people, even Christians, tend to want to vote their wallets before the children. They want a better economy, more money, etc, etc. Not that those things are not bad, but I think many times we forget priorities. That's like Christians looking at innocent babies and saying "Look guys, I know that the Bible states that money is the root of all kinds of evil and that children are a gift from God and all that, but my 401K is down and I may not be able to afford a $2000 Christmas List this year, so sorry, but I have to look out for my money first."

That's how I see it anyway. Others just see abortion as a lost battle. Satan is fighting a losing battle, but he keeps fighting - so why should we neglect to do so?