Friday, November 7, 2008

In the news...and note worthy

This will be short and sweet. I just wanted to highlight a few big moments in our nations history. Several of them happened this week. Here is my recap in links. Enjoy!

Obama is the president elect

California voters pass ban on gay marriage
(a side note to this: I heard it said that trends start in California then sweep across the US. I can only pray that this "trend" will sweep across the US and marriage will be defined as one woman and one man.)

Obama around the world
(credit to We Are Blessed...for the link to this. Obama-mania is spreading through out the world. I can't help but think of the book of Revelation and all the signs of what is to come. We need to be on our guard so as not to be deceived by a mans words no matter how appealing. Pray, be in the Word daily, seek God's guidance on guard!)

See, I told you this would be short and sweet.

I have pictures to post, but that will have to come at a later time. Life and family is calling. I can't ignore, my coffee is getting cold and I need a reheat.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this history making week!

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