Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is just a simple request for the bodies that live in this house (this includes me).
After I've picked up the house and made sure that everything is sparkly and clean please don't make food or eat for at least 1 hour. Please. Pretty please. So, I can enjoy the loveliness and the clean smell. The smell of onions and potatoes cooking usually smells great, however, when I see all my hard work being washed down the kitchen sink I really want to cry. That could be the onions, but I doubt it. Request over...thanks for listening! Ciao~

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superchic(k) said...

WHy is it so easy to freak out about the house? Tonight John grabbed one of the kids bottled waters from the fridge after I made lunches/got out waters for tomorrow and I acted like he'd just run over my best friend. HELP@