Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today, thousands of years ago, Jesus died on the cross for us! It's hard not to think of today as "Friday" "almost the weekend"or "just another day", but instead it is a day to remember that Jesus gave His life for us so that we would have the privilege of going to Heaven when we die. I was listening to this song earlier this morning and how fitting that God put it in front of me at exactly the right moment, Good Friday!

Yesterday I read this devotional from In Touch with Charles Stanley. This truly makes you think about what we take for granted every day...Jesus' sacrifice, our salvation and the weight of sin Jesus had to bear. God had to turn His back on his one and only Son because He could not look upon sin! I can't imagine how that must have hurt Father and Son. (Actually, I can only relate on a human, motherly level). Jesus was willing to take on everyone's sin and God's wrath because He loved us. How can I not praise and worship Him?

So, instead of thinking of today as just another day of the week, take time to reflect on the gift we have been given because Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice thousands of years ago! ....And remember, He may have died on Friday, but he ROSE AGAIN on Sunday!! How awesome is that?!?!?!!!

(I included the devotional below just in case you didn't click on the link!)

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 20, 2008 -- The Lord's Other Cup -- Mark 14:32-36

Paintings of the Lord's Table show one cup and one platter. The cup represents the blood Jesus shed to save us from sin. And the platter holds bread symbolizing His body, which was broken for us. What we don't see is the second cup that Jesus drank alone-- one that made our salvation possible.

The phrase "drink from this cup" refers to a person's willingness to take part in an act. Jesus knew that He had come to earth for the purpose of dying for sin--in other words, this mission was His "cup." While praying in Gethsemane, our Savior asked that this cup pass from Him if possible; however, He would willingly submit to His Father's will.

Some people assume Jesus was asking to avoid the excruciating physical suffering of crucifixion. But even more difficult for Him to face were two spiritual agonies He knew He must undergo. First, our Savior would bear the world's transgressions, actually becoming sin on our behalf (2 Corinthians 5:21) and dying so that its power over our lives could be destroyed. The sinless One would know the weight, guilt, and sorrow of the incalculable wrongs committed throughout all time. But more than just experiencing the ugliness of sin, He would bear the Father's full wrath for all human iniquity. And second, because holy God cannot look upon sin, Jesus would be separated from His Father for the only time since eternity past, and He would have to bear this unthinkable burden alone.

Jesus drank from the cup of suffering, sin-bearing, and separation so that we can share in the cup of salvation.

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