Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some of my favorite kid moments...

I've been thinking of this a lot today! What are my favorite times with them? What will be their favorite times with me? Am I making memories with them or will all they remember of me is that I cleaned the house a lot? So, I thought I would put into words just a few things that come to mind right now.

Singing to my children

Rocking Caleb just before I lay him down

Singing to Afton as I tuck her into bed

Know that a mama's hugs and kisses make everything all better

Little arms wrapped around my neck as they hug and kiss me

Watching Afton mash bananas for banana bread (she thought that was great!)

Listening to my children giggle as they play together

Loving the fact that Afton is all princess, but also loves to play in the mud

Building trains & bridges out of blocks and realizing that we need a TON more so I can build them a city too!

Listening to Caleb sing along with me and Afton

Listening to Afton's prayers at night & thanking God for my two, beautiful blessings

Making forts with the couch cushions

Afton's adventurous spirit

Caleb's gentle spirit

The way they both are concerned when they accidentally hurt you (and the hugs & kisses you get after!)

I know there are so many more, but those are just a few of the things I was thinking about tonight!

I am so blessed to be the mama to two wonderful, amazing children! I am learning every day not to take a moment for granted. The day will come when I will miss all the childish things they do! I want to keep every beautiful moment in my memory...forever!

Psalm 127:3a "Behold, children are a gift of the Lord..."