Friday, March 28, 2008

White is not my favorite color right now!

When my hubby left this morning at 5:00 it was raining. This made me very happy because they were saying it would snow! Thinking "we fooled them" I sat down and had my quiet time, drank my coffee and was completely oblivious to the fact that IT WAS STARTING TO SNOW! So, when I looked up and saw white stuff falling from the sky I wanted to cry. Seriously, lump in the throat, tear in my eye, sniffing....waaahhhh! However, I have to say that it does look kind of pretty!
Just thought I would share my "moment" with you since I'm sure you had the same reaction!
Be back later...(hopefully!)


Apple said...

We so rarely have snow that one snowflake constitutes cancelling school. So, we love white stuff here.

Hi. I came to your blog through someone else's, I can't even remember who, maybe Lizze?? I've added you to my list of those I want to check regularly, so pop on over and say "Hi!" when you get a chance. :)

God bless you and yours.

Apple said...
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