Sunday, March 9, 2008

Talking back to God

I love how sensitive Afton is to people around her and how they are feeling. If someone is sad, she will hug them. If someone mentions how thirsty they are, she will go get them a drink. She does this all on her own without being asked. Tonight, during our nite nite prayers, she mentioned she was worried about Miya so she was very specific in how she prayed for Miya.

"Please help Miya not to be scared, and if she does get to God, Mymy!...and please talk back to her God, OK? In Jesus name we pray, amen"

I just love how she prays! She is so grown up sometimes in what she says and how she expresses herself, but so wonderfully 4 at the same time.


Debbie said...

I enjoyed the looks of your blog with the "As for me & my blog...". I, also, like your title. I am a friend of Josh & Tamara's.

superchic(k) said...

dude. How do I add photos? HELP!
Oh, your blog looks so good!!!