Saturday, March 22, 2008

True beauty

I always make sure that my children know they are beautiful and perfect just the way God made them. I tell Afton and Miya all the time that they are so pretty and that she doesn't need makeup to change the way she looks. I want my children to grow up and be happy and content with how God created them. That's not to say that Afton won't put on mascara or eyeliner, but I want her to know that "less is more". With that being said you can watch this. It's a UK commercial sponsored by Dove, The Campaign for Real Beauty, and the Dove Self Esteem Fund. It's a "montage" of commercials that our children see everyday, but put together is quite disturbing.
Make sure your children know that God created them in His image, therefore they are perfect the way they are. They do not need surgery, implants, injections, pills, diets or drinks to make them "perfect".
(I wrote this geared towards my daughters, but I tell Caleb all the time what a handsome boy he is!)

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