Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools Day Recap


My carefully-planned-for-a-week-and-a-half joke worked out amazingly well! I even "fooled" more people than I expected!!! I was able to fool my kids, my in laws, my hubby and my coworkers!!

Let me start from the beginning...

About a week ago I ran across a magazine article involving April Fools Day food pranks. I knew this was the right prank for me because my entire family can't resist homemade cupcakes! So, I excitedly started preparing. A few days before the "event" I bought my ingredients and pulled up the recipe. Then, on Monday night, I gathered up all of the necessary prank stuff and got to work. After an hour, my "vision" was sitting in front of me! (Not quite looking like the picture, but, then again, I'm no Martha Stewart!)

Now for the real kids!

Afton, of course, comes running over and begs to have one, "May I have one, pleeeeeaaase?"
Not wanting to disappoint her I said, "Sure!" Secretly thrilled that they passed the "sight" test! At this point I'm giggling to myself in anticipation! So, I sit both of them down at the table and put a "cupcake" in front of each of them. They are literally drooling as we thank God for our food. As soon as "amen" was out of our mouths the "cupcakes" where in theirs! All of a sudden Afton looks at me, then the cupcake, then at me again and says, "Mom, they're......spicy!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....then I break the news that they are really dinner!! Talk about disappointment! I let them eat some M & M's after...that helped!

Now I knew the real test would be adults! So, the next morning my father in law came to watch the kids for a few hours while I went to a meeting at work (yes, I brought the "cupcakes", more on that in a minute!). I showed him my hard work and asked him to try one because I had "tried a new recipe". Never one to turn down my baking he picked one up and took a pretty good bite! It didn't take more than a few seconds of chewing to realize these were not my normal tasty treats! Needless to say, it came out of his mouth pretty quick!! First adult victim down, many more to go!

I have to back up a bit because I forgot one VERY important detail. I gave my hubby a container with four "cupcakes" in them. I knew I would be hearing from him later.

When I get into work I bring my "goodies" to the kitchen and put them on the table. My first victim walks right in and promptly reaches for one (meanwhile I am wringing my hands in anticipation). I start in on my "try one because I tried a new recipe and I'm not sure if they taste better than they look". It work like a charm!! The facial expression changes from eager anticipation, to surprise, to disgust, then horror, then disgust.....etc. I think I was called a few names at that moment, but I can't remember all of them because I couldn't hear through my own laughter! Second adult victim down. Then he helped me lure in unsuspecting co-workers and the morning progressed swimmingly!!!

After I got home I called my hubby to see what he thought of my smartness and he wasn't very impressed, but he got a good laugh out of it! (note to self...don't mess with Mike and his food!)

The kicker was at 5 o'clock last night when my mother in law called! My FIL brought one home with him so she wouldn't feel left out (how thoughtful). She had just walked in the door, starving, and was excited to see a cupcake on the table. FIL gave her the same line I gave him and she fell for it!!! She called me and was laughing away as she called me a brat!!! She emailed me later to tell me to forward in on to my brother in law (her son) I did!

That's the end of my April Fools....oh, no it's not....I forgot to add that a girl I work with brought one home and tricked her brother. He almost barfed on the kitchen floor! Success! She rated me in her top 5 of April Fool pranks...almost #1!

Just wait until next year.........


Apple said...

What were they really????

Jen said...

Wow, that is a good prank. I'm very impressed!

I can't wait to see what you do next year.

superchic(k) said...

You are a nutball.