Friday, April 25, 2008

Desperate times.....

What do you do when you realize you used the last of the cream for your husbands coffee?

Use the heavy whipping cream, of course!

A girl can NOT go without her coffee especially when the full pot of coffee is staring at her from the counter, taunting her with it's aroma "you can't drink me, you can't drink me" That's what you think, missy!!

A few days later my hips tell me I shouldn't have used the heavy whipping cream...and I agree with them!

(I did mix it -half and half- with soy milk, so that's not as bad, right?)

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Apple said...


I have a woman that I work with who will only eat her cereal with evaporated milk. (Why, yes, I do live in the South. However did you guess?!)