Saturday, April 12, 2008

You know you're a mom when...

You're siked you got to sleep in on Saturday....

until 6:15....

and, let me repeat, was excited about it!!

That was me this morning! I looked at the clock and said a silent, "Yes!!!"

I was excited because it wasn't 4:30am (my normal wake up time due to hubby's work schedule), and I still had time to shower and get a cup of coffee before I heard the pitter patter of little feet running to say good morning!

So, today is a rainy Saturday and I even heard a rumble of thunder a little earlier. Only one rumble.

Mike is taking Afton and Miya to Lowe's for their workshop hour. Today they are making an ant house. (Just what I need crawling around, right?) This will be perfect for Afton since she is all about the bugs and creepy crawlies!

I'm hoping to get out with Miya a little bit later and go find a book for her. She wanted "her own" book, not a "borrowed" book from me. I totally get that so, sure, why not, right?

I also need to go through Caleb's 3T clothes and wash them all. He's growing so fast and it's time to switch over to the bigger size. Speaking of growing, I just KNOW Afton skipped size 5. She went from 4T to 6 and it seemed like it happened overnight. She is 4 1/2, but tall and still growing!

Until then I will relax with my cup of coffee, listen to the rain, listen to Caleb's feet on the wall (he's awake, but not fussing to get up, so he's good for a bit longer), and just chill out.

Enjoy your Saturday!

(If I see or think of something cool I'll be back)

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Apple said...

Oh, you are SO right about the sleeping in part! Haha. Hope you enjoyed your extra time this morning. I was up bright and earlier preparing for the birthday to come.

And the clothes issue, I'm waiting for the day when I don't have to keep a standing rubbermaid box by the wall to fold and place outgrown clothes in...they grow so quickly, I can't keep up unless the box remains close by. :)