Monday, October 6, 2008


Would you please keep us in your prayers today? We would really appreciate it.

This morning I will be going to visit my grandfather who is in the hospital after having a dizzy spell and falling. He broke his left cheekbone and his left eye is swollen. He isn't able to lift his left arm, and, although he thinks it's because of how he fell, he isn't completely sure. The doctors don't believe he had a stroke or heart attack, but they are going to run tests to try and find out what has been causing the dizzy spells.

He and my grandmother are in their mid-70's, but still active. They've been married over 50 years and are an amazing inspiration! Please pray for his health, as well as wisdom on the doctors part! Also, pray for my grandmother. That she won't worry, but have peace and that she'll remember to pray and trust God in everything.

Lastly, please pray for Mike and I in the area of wisdom in our decision making. We have some things that we're pursuing and we don't want to make decisions based on our emotions, but on what God wants us to do. We want to be completely in tune to his leading and direction.

Thank you for your prayers and for thinking of us.

Have a great Monday!

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