Saturday, October 25, 2008

Afton funnies

There is a reason I carry a small notebook around with me.

It could be to write down the lyrics to a song I heard, a website I need to check out, milk I need to pick could be to write down the funny things my children say so I can remember them until I am very old.

Several weeks ago we were at my doctors office. As I was checking in my doctor came around the corner and saw me. He said hello and we chatted for a minute or two. Then he looked at Afton and said, "Hey Afton!"

Afton looks at me and say, "How does he know my name?"

I said, "Oh honey, he is the doctor that delivered you!"

Not thinking too much more about it (because I was finishing up the check in process) we went to sit down.

As we were waiting, Afton says, "Mom? Was I in a box?"

Me, "When?"

Afton, "When I was delivered!"

Me, "Oh, no honey. He is the doctor that helped you be born. That is what delivered means."

Afton, "Oh...." and then I was called into the room.

I just thought that was the cutest thing. It also goes to show how innocent a child's mind is and how they take things so literally. It also helps us understand why we have to explain things in fine detail. So their little minds can understand what we are saying. We just need to be cautious and not give them more than they can handle.

I have another one, but I'll post that later on.

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