Monday, October 13, 2008

Black eyes and big boy beds

Sounds like it should be a country song, huh? Well, it's too good to be just a's our family!

Remember watching America's Funniest Home Videos? Remember watching people walk on the lawn and you just knew they would step on the rake in front of them?

I was in the kitchen peeling, coring and slicing apples when I heard very loud crying coming from my oldest daughter. I usually don't react in panic at the sound of her blood curdling cry because it could mean one of many things. Either she lost a limb or Caleb said he didn't like her mud pie. Either one is equally devastating to her.

I did stop what I was doing and when she came in the house I walked over to her and saw she was holding her eye. Well, right above it. I pulled her hand away and there was a big 'ole goose egg lookin' back at me. So, we put an ice pack on it and 5 minutes later she was ready to go outside.

she was jumping on the big, plastic shovel she found in the shed and the handle came up and whacked her just above her left eye. I had to try really hard not to picture it in my head or I would have started laughing. Then we reminded her not to try that with a metal rake!

Fast forward to tonight. I was checking on her eye and brought her into the light to look at her. Sure enough, it's turning a nice shade of blue-ish. I'm just hoping it doesn't close up her left eye. It's that close to it.

On another note, Caleb is now sleeping in a big boy bed *sob*. He's not even three and I was so happy he still loved his crib. It also meant he was in one place when I went it to pick him up. That is, until several days ago.

The smartypants decided he could escape by climbing over the rails onto a chair that was next to his crib. I thought I was pretty smart by moving the chair. Unfortunately Caleb had already figured that it wasn't that much further to the ground.

So, Mike had today off and it was decided that the crib would come down and the big boy bed would go up. I have to say that it looks really good and Caleb seems to like it. I'm just a little sad. My baby, my youngest, my son is growing up. It makes me choke up a bit to realize my little children aren't so little anymore. I miss those days.

Aside from the injuries and the big boy bed it was a pretty productive day. I made banana bread, homemade jelly, and blueberry crumble as well as prepped apples for applesauce. Then the laundry and all that fun stuff too.

I think tomorrow will be my down day. Or at least I like to think so.

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