Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Protecting your parenting rights

This is something that caught my attention today.

First, watch the short video with the father of this 7 year old boy.

Now watch the video from a headline news show...

It seems that our parental rights are slowly being stripped from us. We don't seem to know how to teach our own children, so they say. The government is putting their hands into family lives that they have no business being part of. The government thinks they know what our small children should be learning (see this article for proof of that. Hit "next program" to read the next part of the interview).

It is so important for us, as parents, to be so involved in our children's lives that we know what they are being taught in every situation. Another area we need to be careful of is making sure we have open lines of communication with our children. Making sure we speak with them openly about how God wants us to live or lives. As parents, we have a God given responsibility to teach and train our children the difference between right and wrong. Not the way the world sees it, but the way God sees it. We need to be their primary teacher and example on how to live their life!

This doesn't mean we shun people because of their background, lifestyle or past/present choices. It does mean that we are to be a light, a witness to these people. Praying for them constantly in hopes they will give their lives to Christ and turn from their sinful lifestyle. This doesn't mean we condone their behavior at all. This just means that we are a witness for Christ. Lovingly and gently counseling them and teaching them the correct way to live.

This is just one of the things I've been thinking about today. I wrote it how I thought it. Definitely not "perfect" in anyway...just from the prayerful heart of a mom!

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