Saturday, August 16, 2008

Alter ego's

Do you remember being little and wishing you could turn into that one, really cool person you always admired? Or wanting to have an awesome power, like flying?

I was that little girl who wanted to be Wonder Woman. Only I wanted Superman's ability to fly. So, if I could have put together the perfect super hero it would have been Super Wonder Woman!

I never could figure out she didn't fall out of her top though. Must have been some major duct tape!

My brother and I used to "play" Wonder Woman all the time too. I had a cape (it was green), we would put on our bullet deflecting bracelets (the plastic things that came off of milk jugs) and we would lasso each other to make us tell the truth. About what, I have no clue, but it was fun anyway!

We would watch the show faithfully too. At 3:59pm we knew we could turn on the TV. I still think of it every time I see 3:59.

Fast forward to present day. I still like Wonder Woman. I bought the first season of the show on DVD. My mom bought me the second season as a gift. I will buy myself the third season (if I don't get it as a gift first). I love them. I still wish I could fly, but now realize I would not be able to wear WW outfit and still be able to chase children. Maybe some day in my old age I'll give it a whirl.

Another thing I also remember from my time as a youngster was my mom's very boring habit of watching cooking shows. Completely boring to a child. Why in the world do I need to know how to properly cook a brisket or make the meringue perfectly peaked? I had no use for that info.

We always knew that if we asked mom if we could watch a show and she caught her show first...we were doomed! If she saw Julia Child before we got to our show we knew we would have to endure a half hour of "kitchen talk".

Now, combine the two subjects, along with the title of my post and you have....

She pried the info out of people with tempting, tasty if only I had known that when I was a child.

I may have thought she was more interesting!

Of course, now I am guilty of the same thing my mom was. Finding a cooking show before finding a kid show.

My kids will say, "Have you found our show yet?"

I'll answer, "Not yet at that..perfect meringue peaks!"

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Mommy B said...

The wonder woman of my youth was beautiful and powerful. She stopped speeding bullets with the bracelets and never ever did the bad guy get away. The wonder woman of today gives up beauty for practicality and is more powerful than ever. She can go to work, make 3 meals a day, plus snacks, do laundry, vacuum the rugh, bathe the children, make the beds, listen to everyone else whine, hug everyone and put them to bed. Afterwards, she can relish in the thought that the wonder woman of her youth was really a wimp compared to the real life wonder woman, who can probably whip up a meringue alongside Julia Child and never skip a beat.