Thursday, August 21, 2008

The child that does not sleep

This is a tale of a little girl.

This little girl is a delight to her parents. She is beautiful, imaginative, bright and loving. She also has an endless amount of energy.

After being tucked into bed, prayers said, hugs and kisses given the mama gave one last instruction, "Now, you need to stay in your room and go to sleep."

"Okay." said the little girl.

Mama knew full well she would not sleep, she never does.

On her second trip out the mama asked what she was doing.

The little girl answered, "I have to go potty, mom."

It was then that the mama noticed the little girl was fully dressed!

"Why are you dressed, lovebug?" the mama asked.

"So, I'm ready in the morning." Of course. What else would the reason be?

See, this little girl is excited because we're going to pick up her friend tomorrow for a playdate.

She is dressed and ready to go.

The End

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