Friday, August 15, 2008

My amazing find

Last Sunday, on the way home from church I saw a man putting these really cute red and blue chairs on the side of the road. I was hoping they weren't being thrown away...maybe he'll put a "free" sign on them.

Mike happily turned around after listening to me exclaim how cute and awesome those were, and how great they would go with the table I asked him to build for the kids!

As we pull up I see they're placed with the trash! So, I ask the gentleman if the chairs are free or if he's trying to sell them (silly question, I know). He says they are free, they came from his mothers nursery school, and I can have as many as I want!!!!

So, I load up two red chairs and two blue chairs into the back of the van!

Check them out....

Aren't they perfect?! Mike said he would be happy to make them a crafty table, but for now we're using our round coffee table. That works perfectly, as you can see!

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Mommy B said...

Don't worry about 'blog-stalking' I think that's one of the things that makes blogging a good thing, because you can network with people who have common interests. Have you homeschooled before? This is my first year with preschool and I'm excited to bits. We're even converting our spare bedroom into a mini-classroom.