Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love = The Green "Clean" Light on the Dishwasher

I just have to say...
"I have the most thoughtful husband in the world!" 
He came home from work late last night. Everyone was in bed and asleep. He left this morning well before anyone was awake. When I went to get my coffee at 6:30 this morning I noticed things were "different". 
Come to find out he had emptied the dishwasher last night with stealth like skill ("silent like a ninja" in his words)...super dish/utensil at a time! He said it took a LONG time!!!

I never even heard him and I usually hear everything! 
He even wiped around the stove and counter and made sure my sink was shiny!

To top it all off he purposefully didn't close the dishwasher all the way because
he didn't want the little green "clean" light to go off!  This way I wouldn't 
know it had been emptied until I went to take care of it myself. 

He sure knows how to speak to a woman's heart...well, my heart anyway! That was the most romantic thing he could have done for me!

Thank you, my love! I am so blessed to be your wife ♥


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