Friday, October 1, 2010

27 Days To Go

Only 27 more days until D-day (delivery day).  Can you tell I'm anxious for that day to arrive?

Doctors always tell you that every pregnancy is different.  I believed them...really, I did.  However, it wasn't really real until I experienced it for myself.

To say this pregnancy has been different is an understatement.  

Nothing has been like my other two, full term pregnancies.  Except for the healthy baby part.  For which I am so thankful.

Knowing this little one is healthy makes all the pain worth it and let me just say this has been one painful pregnancy.  

People are probably sick of hearing about it.  Well, try imagining having to deal with it on a constant, daily basis.  While raising two very active little kiddos and working from home while my hubby is hard at working for many hours of the day.  (He leaves at 4:30am and most days we don't see him until at least 6:30pm or later...sometimes we don't see him at all)

I'm sick of feeling it.

I just keep looking towards the "prize" at the end.  A new little love bug to cuddle and love.  I can't wait for that day.

Yes, it's all worth it.  

I do have a doctors appointment today so I will be bringing up my concerns and asking if there is anything, ANYTHING they can do for the pain.  'Cause mama needs some sleep...desperately!


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