Monday, August 23, 2010

Second Chances

Last Wednesday night while tucking the kids into bed I reminded them they were not to fool around or get out of bed. (We've been having a very big issue with this over the past several months)

Because of that Afton has been starting the night out it Miya's room & then we move her to her bed after both she and Caleb have fallen asleep.

This evening was no different.  After tucking Caleb in I went in to see Afton & reminded her (again) that she needed to stay in bed.  She doesn't particularly care for having to start out in Miya's room, however I reminder her it was because of the choice she (and Caleb) decided to make to disobey.

I reminder her that we have gently spoke, reminded, disciplined, followed through with consequences and now we were back to separate bedrooms.  No more "chances".  Just obedience.

Her response was, "...but doesn't it say something in the Bible about giving second chances?"

(Smarty pants!)

I responded by saying, "Yes, but the Bible also tells children to obey their parents in the Lord because it's right, and it also talks about being disciplined if you don't obey."

So, today we'll be doing some reading from the Bible on obedience, how it works for children & adults and what the consequences are when we don't obey.

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