Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aches, Pains & No Sleep = Motherhood & Pregnancy

Some days I wonder how I am able to make it through the day.  As this day begins I'm wondering that very thing.  How am I able to get up & go on the little sleep I've had?  I would have to tell you that God gives me that strength.  Even when I don't ask for it.  I admit there are days I don't ask for it & I'm ashamed to say that.  However, even in our imperfectness He is still perfect and loving and gives us the strength we need when we need it.

While this pregnancy has been wonderful, both the baby & myself are healthy, it's also been physically exhausting & painful for me.  A lot of the aches & pains that normally show up in the third trimester decided to show up at 14 weeks, 20 weeks and so on.

I'm so happy to be pregnant and I try not to complain about the physical aches and pains, however they've been really, really painful.  Even during the night when I sleep.  It just doesn't end.  

I'm also a light sleeper (thanks to having kiddos) so even little noises wake me up.  The amount of sleep I need vs. the amount of sleep I get is way off.

So, I'm trying really hard to be thankful for who/what I have and not concentrate on the physical pains that threaten to take me out.  I know it sounds dramatic, but that's how bad they are sometimes.  I know it could be even worse though.

I've developed a pretty good morning/evening routine which helps.  I basically can run on autopilot as long as I just do the next thing.  This way I know the basics in my home are taken care of.  The bathroom is clean, the laundry is done, the kitchen is clean and so on.

What I'm having a difficult time getting to is our bedroom.  I have a corner & a dresser that has collected papers & binders and I need to organize it before the baby is born.  However, I can't sit for more than 10 minutes because my ankles and feet swell.  It gets pretty bad when I work so I have to put them up for at least 30 minutes just to make walking manageable.

I guess that is what frustrates me a lot too.  The physical pain prevents me from doing the little things around the house that need to be done before the baby is born.  So I keep praying for patience and I try to do a little here and there.

Friday I will be 30 weeks!  Only 10 more weeks to.  That is if I am on time...which I've never been.  However, this pregnancy has been nothing like my other two full term pregnancies so you never know.  I could go early!  Wouldn't that be a surprise!

Either way I can't wait to meet our newest little love bug.  I can't wait to see if it will be a boy or a girl.  Who they will look like.  How much they will weigh.  What their personality will be like.  I can't wait for our kiddos to meet their newest sibling.  I can't wait to hold he/she and cuddle with them.

You know what else I can't wait for?  My spa retreat hospital stay.  Crazy as it sounds a hospital stay for a stay at home mom sounds like an amazing vacation.  I'm not even joking.  If you were to tell any stay at home mom that we could stay in a private room, with our baby, a remote, a button to summon call the nurse, room service and no house work or cleaning to do we would be all over that in a heartbeat.  Who cares if it's in a hospital!!  I'm there.

So, I'm gonna soak up those 2 days and enjoy spending time with my baby and being waited on.

Before I know it I'll be back to my routine which won't be routine anymore with a new baby and I'll be busy trying to figure out our new normal!

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LeAnna said...

Totally understand this! We're only a few days apart, I'm pregnant with my 2nd and things are aching when I don't remember them aching the first go around. ;) I had my son during the winter months, and being pregnant in this heat is a new experience!! I'm pretty sure I'm ready for October to get here. ;)
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