Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We are so blessed to announce that Mike received a call yesterday evening and he will be returning to work!!!

God is so amazing in providing for us while he was out of work. We were not worried for one minute of that time and that is a blessing in itself! However, that's exactly what God wants from us. To be totally dependent on Him knowing He will provide for our every need. We cannot rely on ourselves and our own actions. While we must do our part our trust cannot with us, but in God and God alone!

What an awesome period of time for us to be reminded of that. Praise God!

Mike was able to spend some time with us that he otherwise would not have had! While the first week was a bit of an adjustment it's kind of sad knowing he'll be going back to work so soon. I have to say I wouldn't mind having him here for another month or so!

So, I just wanted to share how God has provided for our family and how we were reminded to trust & be faithful with what we have.

God is awesome!


Mommy B said...

I'm so happy for you. I'm glad his hiatus was short and enjoyable.

Mrs. B. said...

Praise God! :)